Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art For Sedona's Sake - Artists

We had a great time set up at Art for Sedona's Sake this weekend. I didn't realize that the promoter Thom Stanley raises money for local art groups with his venues. It's nice to know that your booth fee goes to good causes. We met people from all the country and the world! As usual we were surrounded by great artists and made new friends.

I like to spread the word about other artists we meet so here goes.Gerry Quotskuyva and his wife Debbi Menig. Gerry is an award winning Hopi Artist. His artwork is amazing - please check him out! http://www.kachinacarver.com/index.htm
Moraine Benny - Luminous LLC, creates Art Glass and specializes in Glow in the Dark Colors. Her website is in the works so the best way to see her work right now is through her shows. Please keep checking back to see this talented artist's creations http://www.luminousltd.com/index.html
Rick & Rose Gnerich of Fluting From The Heart craft Native American Style High Spirit Flutes that sound as beautiful as they look. They also offer workshops. Please check out their website http://www.flutingfromtheheart.com/flutes/double-flutesKyle Jacobson sculpts gorgeous nature inspired furniture out of native woods. Please check out this young artist's work at http://www.naturalelementsfurnishings.com/I made a new friend, Kiyomi Murayama, Herbal Therapist from Tokyo, Japan. We did a little horsetrading - a pair of my Sonora Star Earrings for some of her delicious Aromatherapy Natural Perfume Oils. You can learn more about her products at www.puravida-essentials.jp or contact her at info@puravida-essentials.jp
OK, this doesn't have anything to do with Artists we met but I cannot forget Amber the Goat. There was a rescue organization from Flagstaff, AZ (I should have got the man's card!) He walked Amber around the show all weekend to raise awareness about his organization that takes in all sorts of animals. She was a sweetie!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art In Sedona September 26-27

We'll be at Art In Sedona 9-5 this Sat/Sun across from New Frontiers Natural Market - on Saddlebrook - see map link -http://tinyurl.com/mltrsw If you're in the area please come say hi!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Route 66 Days Flagstaff, AZ

We've been at back to back shows this month. Our last was Route 66 Days in Flagstaff, AZ. I wish I had more pictures of the amazing cars but we were pretty busy selling jewelry. I did manage to get a couple pictures of the winners. The Fire Engine was incredible! It had a pipe organ in the back that played recorded music or could be played by an actual person. Overall we had a blast. If you're able to visit next year it's a great car show that stretches all through downtown Flagstaff. The craft show is just getting started and will one day be a really great show too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flagstaff, Arizona Craft Show

We had a great, busy time at Flagstaff Art In The Park last weekend. I sold out all my new Peace and Love PMC jewelry! Sold lots of Tree of Life Jewelry with touching stories attached. It was pretty chilly in the mountains - here's a picture of the first snow on Humphrey's Mountain taken by friend Colleen Williams.

Sam had a great time meeting and greeting all the people and other dogs. He loves Flagstaff too! Met Anthony and his beautiful Alaskan Malamute named Fenrir. What a gentle giant. Sam was a little intimidated by his size. Wish I could have taken pictures of all the beloved canines that came to the show.
The show ran Sat - Mon, got home late Tues and we're off this Friday to Flagstaff again for Route 66 Days! http://www.flagstaffroute66days.com/It will be lots of fun with over 400 classic cars. Pictures to come. Driving home on Tue we were heading back into rain. Here's a shot of the high desert with clouds building.