Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 21st to 28th On Our New Adventure

It was sad to leave our home in Alpine, AZ but we're both excited about the future, new adventures and city living again! We were blessed with beautiful weather those last days. We got to stay at our friends Hotel for a few days to fully enjoy the outdoors and other friends came up to visit.

We had some rain storms brew over our last few days in Alpine. Nice cool weather!

Sam Mid Bark - you are NOT leaving without me!

A herd of Elk our last day - in the meadow behind our house. What a nice goodbye.

Storminess at Luna Lake. I will miss those summer Monsoon Storms.

Kevin, Gia and Mark. What a delicious feast of fresh caught trout and roasted veggies! It was so nice to spend time with them and do some rockhounding over our last days.

Miss Gia hamming it up on our hike behind Luna lake.

This rainbow was MUCH prettier in Person over the Sportsmans' Lodge in Alpine.

Beautiful clouds over Nutrioso as we headed down the hill. Crazy mountain weather on the drive down to Phoenix. Drove through rain, dust and hail at all the different elevations - starting at 8050' to 1500'.

Just outside of Globe, AZ - we though IT was hot - ha ha - Phoenix is a LOT hotter!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Changes and New Adventures

I haven't been posting much these last two months. All of May and June have been about organizing and packing. As of today our workshop is officially packed up and moved until after our summer shows when we re-open. Strange to be "camping out" in an empty house!

We both loved Alpine so much but there is no opportunity here for young folks like us that are still interested in working. It's a great place to vacation and most of the retired residents are only here from May to September. They have it figured out! Here for the beautiful weather and gone during the severe winters.

Albuquerque is calling us and we hope to have our place lined up in July so after the show travels we can be up and running ASAP. A city with action, culture, an Art Community, hiking, great food...can't wait - can you tell? As soon as we land I'll be in touch .
Hope you have a great summer!