Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Studio Will Be Closed 6/15-9/15

We will be moving our studio this September. We live in a remote area and need to get back to civilization. :)

If you are thinking of an upcoming gift please place your order ASAP because our workshop will be closing down the week of June 15th. After that we'll be on the road until the beginning of September at which time we'll be setting up the new workshop.

We have a lot of upcoming traveling to do - we may even be in your area! Please see our Show Schedule for confirmed dates.

If you place your order by June 7th we can ship it to you before we leave. We will still process orders as we travel if your item is in stock but any orders that can't be filled wouldn't be able to ship until, at the latest, the second week of October. We are starting wholesale in June so if you are wanting a custom piece for the holidays it would be good to have your order in our production schedule as soon as we get back.

Thanks for your patience! I'll be posting pictures of our new studio when it's set up - plus all our cross country show pictures as we travel. Can't wait to have a new, bigger workspace!!

Show in Sedona Mother's Day Weekend

We're back from our show in Sedona over Mother's Day Weekend. WHAT a weekend!! There were 10-20mph winds on Saturday with gusts over 35mph - then on Sunday we had gusts up to 45mph and even higher as we packed up!! We stuck it out to the very end. Not a good venue for us overall but once again we were able to stay with our new friends Gerry and Debbi - two artists from the Verde Valley - great people and very talented. It was so good for the soul to spend time with other arists - especially such sincere, caring people. Please check out their website and stop by to see them at their new gallery if you're in the area!

Gerry, Debbie and Sam saying their goodbyes Monday Morning.

Fishing pond in Camp Verde - the desert in the Verde Valley is so beautiful - a lush valley flanking the Verde River.