Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flagstaff Art In The Park July 3-5

Getting ready for Flagstaff Art In The Park July 3-5. Mark has been planting a forest of Tree of Life Jewelry and I spent 2 full days beading my jewelry. Whew! On to other projects now.

Please come and see us if you're in Flagstaff next weekend.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Not only did we have a great craft show at the Torreon Golf Resort, but we were also blessed to meet Leyton Cougar and Angel Bennett and two residents of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary - Flurry and Brutus. Please visit their website - it's a great cause.

You can't imaging how big their paws are! They're shedding to get their summer coats right now so they looked a little skinny. Angel told me that their mane around their neck and fur can grow 6" in the winter. (Brutus was shedding all over the place so I even got to take some wolf hair home with us. How cool!)

Flurry is an Arctic wolf. He was very shy and wary.

Brutus a Timber Arctic wolf cross wasn't so shy.

Pretty friendly if he thinks you're ok. Never before have I been so close to a wolf let alone be licked on the face and have my chin nibbled on. It was amazing! I've been thinking of a new jewelry line and wanted to give back to an animal charity with it - I think I've found the one!

Jewell's Fine Art Festival, Torreon Resort

We had a great show this weekend - Jewell's Fine Art Festival at Torreon Golf Resort, Show Low, AZ. We battled strong winds but a beautiful location and wonderful artist neighbors! Here are some new friends and great artists!

Pat Reddemann is a wood artist. She makes the most beautiful Ikebana vessels. You can check out her work at Not only is she a talented craftswoman but she was great to have as a show neighbor!

Gabriel Ayala of Coyote Creek Copper was across from us. We run into each other at a lot of shows - he attends 40 a year! He and his wife create beautiful hand hammered copper wall sculptures. You can find Gabriel's work at

We have a new friend Miles Roberts - a ceramic artist - shown here with his stoneware vessels. He fires wolf hair into the outer finish of his pieces. They are so elegant! You can see more about Miles at

It makes a show so pleasurable to be at when you have such friendly and talented artists surrounding you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prescott AZ Craft Show

Didn't have such a great show in Prescott this weekend but as usual met lots of characters and great people! Here's a picture of Mark and our new friend Frank the Mountain Man (he does historic reenactments.)

Prescott is a very dog friendly town. Sam loved it! One touching thing happened with Sam. One of our artist neighbors had two 3 1/2 month old Chihuahua/Jack Russell puppies she was trying to socialize. At the start of the show they just barked at Sam all day but by the second day they were playing with him. He went into our booth to where I had his treats for the day and gingerly picked up two then went to the puppies - crunched up one so it was smaller then backed away so they could eat it and proceeded to eat his own. We all had goosebumps - happened so quickly that didn't have time to get a picture.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Friends Day Giveaway With Mom Knows It All

Wendy Wallach won the Best Friends Day Giveaway with Mom Knows It All. Contestants wrote in how long they have been friends with their best friend and why they value their friendship. The giveaway was for two Sonora Star Drop Necklaces - one for them, one for their best friend. Wendy wrote:

"I have been friends with my best friend Kathy since high school, which makes it roughly 29 years. We have survived her husband and two daughters, my daughter, her grandchildren, and living so far from each other that we only get to see each other if lucky once a year. We survive because we don’t lie to each other, are never jealous of what the other person has, give to each other until it hurts and never judge the other no matter what decision they make. That is why we have lasted and will continue to last until the day of our death."

Please see link to read more readers comments

Friday, June 5, 2009

Featured Artist - Soft Flex - June 2009

I'm thankful to be the featured artist for this months Soft Flex Spotlight On..... They feature a jewelry designer, beading article, good book and a local bead store each month. They also offer a free monthly beading project idea. Please see link:

Visit With Friends

Had a great visit with Gia and Kevin this week - wish it could have been longer but I have a sneaky suspicion that they will visit more often - which is great because they are always welcome. Whenever friends visit I get to see Alpine all over again through their eyes and appreciate where I live. Thanks for the company guys!

Sonora Star Jewelry

Before our company, spent quite a while prepping Sonora Star Jewelry. They're waiting for patina at this stage then the stones were set. Starting the beading part while at Greer Days.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friends Visiting

Having a great time with visiting friends Gia & Kevin. We've been exploring the great outdoors of Alpine. Other than that been working on new jewelry for all the shows we have coming up. If you are in Greer, AZ this weekend please come and see us at the Greer Days Celebration!!