Monday, November 28, 2011

Overstock Jewelry Sale 50% off 11/28-12/7

Overstock Jewelry Sale! Our Tree of Life Birthstone Rings are crafted out of Eco-Friendly metals and handmade in the USA! This offer is only for In Stock Rings. 50% off from 11/28-12/7. You can purchase on our Website Black Mountain Jewelry Co using coupon code HS14 or at our Etsy Store using coupon code HS127

Both stores will have a list of sizes/birthstones in stock that will be updated daily. Thanks for checking us out. Happy Holidays!

Studio Renovation

A year has passed since we moved to New Mexico. When we first got here we just had to throw our Studio together in the uninsulated garage and start working. We finally insulated this August and just finished a long awaited project of drywall, painting and reorganizing - an industrial carpet will be coming in the next couple weeks. CAN'T wait to get back to work tomorrow! This workshop went from one of the most uncomfortable work spaces to the nicest studio we've worked out of. Hoping for a very busy 2012! We feel very fortunate and blessed to be living in New Mexico.

After everything done - first pieces of furniture in.

This is how it started. Exhausted Mark looking over the garage we just emptied.

Our neighbor Jorge was a blessing. We contracted him to do the drywall work and he came over every afternoon until the tape, plaster, and texture was done. Everything was hung in one day but the beautification took longer.

LOTS of painting. The finished project. Glad we have lots of pictures of before so we can remember how far we've come.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Free Shipping Until 11/30/11

All of our Tree of Life jewelry is handmade to order by the two of us. If you'd like us to make you a custom gift for the holidays we're offering Free Shipping on orders placed by 11/30/11. You can place an order on our website and use code # FS417 or at our Etsy Store and use code FS418 to receive this offer.

We're getting ready for a major renovation on our workshop. Here it is at the end of summer after insulating. From 11/21-26 it's being drywalled, completely winterized and painted. We can't wait for it to be bright, warm and toasty for this upcoming busy winter. We spend most of our time there - it's going to be a nice cozy work environment very soon!

I'll post pictures after it's done. :)