Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Trip To And From Ruidoso, NM

We had an awe inspiring road trip to and from our show in Ruidoso, NM this weekend. On the way there we traveled NM Rte 60 & 380 going by the Very Large Array and Trinity Site of White Sands Missle Range. Wish we had time to stop and be tourists but we were on a mission.This way it only took 4 1/2 hours.

On the way home we traveled Rt 70 to 25 to 152 to 180 - which took us 8 hours to get home! Stopped in Hatch, NM and picked up some fresh, world famous green chiles. Traveled through the beautiful town of Hillsboro, NM (pictures of our Lady of Guadalupe Church) before we asended into the mountains on Hwy 152 - please see link http://www.desertusa.com/mag04/aug/nm_hy.html which was hairpin turn after hairpin turn. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy closing my eyes (no guardrails) and gripping my side of the truck. When we got to the summit we rested the truck - which smelled like it was burning at that point - didn't want to overheat - then headed down the other side. I can say we did it - don't need to again. :) It was beautiful and steep and scary and wild!

Ruidoso Art Festival

We had a great time at the Ruidoso Art Festival this weekend. We were honored to be artists at this classy show. Friday night we got to enjoy the music of Del Castillo - http://www.delcastillomusic.com/ a great band out of Austin, TX. Every staff member of the show was so nice and kind to us. We met so many friendly people from TX and other places(Ruidoso is a big vacation destination for Texas residents.) Sunday we got to meet Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico (picture above.) He was very charismatic and gracious - letting us get our picture with him. Overall we had a great show and hope to go back again next year!

Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Ruidoso Art Festival

We'll be exhibiting for the first time at the Ruidoso Art Festival July 24-26. If you're in the area please come visit us! Exciting to go out of state for a show - and it's the first time in Ruidoso for either of us so we're on an adventure too!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Childhood Fruit & Veggie Memories

I'm reading about different friends picking berries and it brings me right back to my childhood. Do you have some fond memories like these? Growing up in the Garden State it was all around us....

Some of my best memories are of my Mom, two Grandma's and me going on expeditions down to South Jersey to" pick your own" Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry Farms. It would be an all day trip then we'd spend the next day making jams, jellies, freezing, baking pies, etc. Then at other times of the year it was time to go to the peach or apple orchard. We never ate them when they weren't in season, we ate them in season and preserved them for the winter. Picking up juicy bushels of apples that were crisp and chilly in the morning can't be beat. I think that's why I don't like apples as a fruit now - just can't compare to "fresh off the tree" MacIntoshs...

I often hope that 18 years of growing up in a home with avid organic gardeners has residual effects on my body because we never bought veggies. We'd have rows of tomatoes, corn, beans,peas, brussell sprouts, scallions, broccoli, zucchini, rhubarb, peppers, melons, cucumbers, asparagus, strawberries and occasional experimental crops. I wish today I could have one more day in that kitchen with Nana and Mom runnning the tomatoes through the mill separating the seeds and skins then canning the juice and pulp to make homemade sauce in the winter. Or sitting on the back porch snapping beans and peas with Nana - racing to see who could snap the fastest - then we'd blanch them then flash freeze to eat later. When the raccoons would get the first ear of Silver Queen Sweet corn we knew to pay attention - we'd pick them off the stalk, strip the husks then straight into the pot of boiling water - I've never had such sweet corn since. We'd freeze the kernals too for the best corn in the dead of winter. Same thing with the pear tree - we'd pick them up off the ground and race the critters for those ripe treats. Even though we had asparagus it was never enough for Nana so if we were driving around she'd scope out wild asparagus patches while they were blooming. We'd remember where they were then go back at the right time of year to harvest the young stalks.

It was fun going on the berry excursions - guaranteed pint baskets full - but what was even more exciting was when they were ripe in the meadows by our house. It was Blackberry Dove time - Nana's special summer treat. If my Dad and I would search and bring back the fruit Nana would whip up a batch - only in the summer when the fruit was at it's peak.

Here's the recipe:Blackberry Dove (Nana's recipes were never written down - in her head - so here is what I wrote down)"Fresh Blackberries to cover the bottom of a pot. Water to cover berries - cook for a few minutes. I use Bisquick. Make as directed on box. I add an egg to the bisquick - mix good. Put 1 T at a time on top of berries. Put cover on and steam 15-20 min - make sure heat not high. Sauce for top: 2T Flour, 4 T sugar, butter the size of a walnut. Mix all together then add water and put on stove until creamy and thickened. Scoop dumplings and berries into bowl then drizzle with the sweet sauce."

Thanks for reading my memories...would love to hear yours...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flagstaff Art In the Park - More Artists

Here are three more artists from Flagstaff Art in the Park. KimmBerly Ioane creates colorful figurative raku vessels and wall hangings - you can contact her at 928-486-3264 for her show schedule and gallery info. Dante Fraboni crafts amazing outdoor floral sculptures out of steel - you can contact him at 520-977-8460 for his show and gallery info. Pam Reinke - writer and illustrator - creates fun and uplifting wall hangings. You can see her work at http://www.piperrainpress.com/

It's so inspirational to be at shows with such friendly and talented artists.

Flagstaff Art In the Park - Artists

Had a great show this weekend in Flagstaff. Saw some show friends and met new ones! Stuart Wolf and Bonny Waters, the show organizers and participating artists themselves put together such a classy, juried, made by the artist/no resale event. It was such an eclectic mix of different mediums. We are honored to have been a part of it. I want to spread the word about artists we meet so please check out their stores/websites.

You can find Stuart's beautiful organic raku and functional pottery in Flagstaff, AZ - please call 928-556-9498 for directions to his gallery. You can see Bonny's gorgeous lampworked jewelry at http://www.beadsbybonny.com/

We also met Ashley Chamberlain, a furniture maker. Her pieces are rustic/refined, made out of reclaimed wood - with bright layers of colors. Please check out her website http://www.acdesignetc.com/

Sam At The Show

Sam is our Ambassador of Good Will. He is so good at shows - just laying there all day - greeting kids and other dogs. Napping then greeting again. Saturday morning 6 girls from Hawaii - here for a sports tournament saw Sam and fell in love. It was like Mark and I didn't exist - they wanted to see Sam - all 6 petting him at once. They came back two more times - the last time bringing him a gourmet "Peoplecicle" from the dog cookie vendor. It was really cute!

Our Youngest Customer

We always meet really nice people at our craft shows. Flagstaff's Art in the Park was no different. Rebecca & Kathleen of Scottsdale, AZ are new customers - Rebecca is 20 years old and her sister Kathleen is 4. Big Sis let her pick out whatever she wanted at the show and after looking everywhere she decided on a pair of my Desert Rose earrings. The next day they came back and Kathleen got to pick out a matching necklace. It was so sweet! I think they will be sharing the jewelry set - just like Sisters do :).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bull Elk in Alpine, AZ

I grabbed these pictures in our neighborhood earlier today. Too bad I didn't have the camera yesterday when there were soooo many more elk. They were a little wary today too - yesterday they were just lounging in the shade. Live and learn - always walk with a camera around the neck!
Someday I'll have a telephoto - these were closeup shots.

Mini Horses

These two mini horses are next to the "Future Home of Black Mountain Jewelry?" Building. So adorable. The little guy has a blue and brown eye. It would be nice to get to know them as neighhhbors (ha ha - couldn't resist!)

Future Home of Black Mountain Jewelry Co. ?

Hard to think of something else when you're struggling along.... This building is up for sale/lease and we're going to talk to the owners next week. Maybe we can rent it for a while then buy in the future. We both feel it would be a perfect location for Black Mountain Jewelry Co. It would be great to travel to work everyday (1.5m down the road) and be a part of the community - and always have a permanent location - cutting back on shows. We'll see what happens - maybe the universe is looking out for us?
Poor property is in disrepair - every time we drive by wish we could tidy it up - inside and building is great though - you never know.

Mother's Day Jewelry Giveaway Winner

We just heard from Dina Nay of Kennesaw, GA. She was the winner of Tech Savvy Mama's Mother's Day Giveaway with Black Mountain Jewelry Co. Please see the following link to her blog. http://tinyurl.com/mpfy69