Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Black Mountain Jewelry Co.

I haven't posted a blog in sooooo long! December actually! We've been really busy and haven't had much to share since we haven't been creating anything new of our own. It's been great to be so busy and making a living creating other people's jewelry lines but now we're getting back to our jewelry again - along with our accounts. There will be more frequent posts in the future.

We finally feel like New Mexican's. Took our first trip to the mountains the beginning of this month. Here's a picture of Eagle Nest - part of the Enchanted Circle by Taos NM. It is so beautiful and green there. A stark contrast to the high desert we live in. I would highly recommend this drive if you make it to our state.

Bolo Tie in Cowboys & Indians

Mark got some exposure in Cowboys and Indians - a great Southwestern Magazine. He did the silversmithing on #10 (The Longhorn Skull Bola) A lot of different artists have their hand in the creation of this line. Cool! I wish I could imbed the picture on this page but can't. :( Here's a link if you want to check it out.