Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodbye Sam

Sammy 11/4/13 5:10pm

Goodbye Sam. You were our best friend and companion. It's so hard to say goodbye to you. 

No one else wanted you when you were a wormy 6 1/2 year old dog with mold on your undercoat. Everybody else passed you by for a puppy and you only had two days left on this earth. How lucky we were that you became a part of our lives for another 10 years. You were a best friend to Belle when she was alive. You got to live in the mountains of Alpine with that fuzzy coat after all those hot years in PHX with us. You got to tree squirrels for hours in the back yard in the snow. You traveled to craft shows with us all across the southwest meeting all sorts of people for good pets and dogs for good sniffs. You've loved living in NM and YOUR park across the street. You've been a good friend to Annie - I'll know she'll miss you too. It's going to be hard not seeing you tomorrow. We'll always love you and hope we can be together again some day. Goodbye little Buddy.