Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Gold Jewelry Creations - The Remaining Additions

Here are the rest of our new gold jewelry creations. They are all over the website so if you want to be directed to a category just click on the link below the photo. I wish I were a better photographer and copywriter. The photos and descriptions just don't capture how beautiful they are in person. Thanks for taking a look!

Gem Chrysocolla Earrings

Gem Chrysocolla Rings

Gem Chrysocolla Pendants

Turquoise Rings

Opal Pendants

Fire Agate Rings

Turquoise Pendants

We have started offering layaway on our gold jewelry - if you are interested please contact us for details.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Arizona Turquoise & Gold Jewelry Pieces

I'm finally getting our new gold jewelry loaded on to our website! Between our show schedule and making inventory in between I've missed out on photo documenting quite a few pieces that sold. First category complete - Bisbee and Morenci Turquoise set in 18 or 14k gold. Here's a couple pictures below. If you want to see the whole collection please visit

18k Gold and Hi-Grade Bisbee Turquoise Ring

18k Gold, Palladium, Diamond and Hi-Grade Morenci Turquoise Ring

Thanks for taking a look! Will be posting more new items as they appear on our website.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ArtFest of Scottsdale

We'll be exhibitors at ArtFest of Scottsdale this weekend.
Located at the beautiful Civic Center park in Old Town Scottsdale. Please stop by if you visit the show. We're right in front of the Civic Center building.

Hope to see you there!

Judy Mohr - Ceramic Artist

We were fortunate to be next to my favorite ceramic artist this weekend at Chris Bubany's Holiday Marketplace at Harlow Gardens. Judy Mohr,from Tucson creates amazing serving dishes, mugs, vases, bird feeders, Ikebana vessels and raku sculptures. Thank you for horsetrading with me Judy - I love to go home with some of your work!

One of Judy's whimsical horse sculptures - with genuine horsehair tail. These are some of her raku pieces.

The hanging pieces are bird feeders. I've had one up for two years now. The birds love it because it's so natural. A branch slides through holes in the feeder and they perch on it to access the feeder. A lot of fun to watch!

Judy doesn't have a website but you can find her work at the following galleries:

- In Tucson - Tohono Chul Park, Old Town Artisans

- In Tubac - Lilly's

- In Sedona - Esteban's, Zonies

- In Moab, UT - Hogan Trading Co.

Chris Bubany's Holiday Marketplace at Harlow Gardens

We enjoyed being a part of Chris Bubany's Holiday Marketplace at Harlow Gardens this past weekend! What a beautiful location at this 70 year old family business. We set up our tents among the nursery plants. Along with the visiting artists there are outdoor sculptures throughout the nursery. What a lovely location and very busy!

Chris Bubany and Sandy Ricker the show organizer. Sandy really took care of all of us and made sure the show ran smoothly. It was a pleasure to be part of it.

Some of Chris' beautiful colorful pottery! So many different designs displayed through the middle of the nursery. Please visit her website for more information

Harlow Gardens is a destination for Tucson Gardeners - every inch is full of beautiful plants and gardening accents. If you're ever in Tucson please check them out

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art For Sedona's Sake Artists

You've heard me talk about my friend John Wdowin of Natural Nook before. He creates beautiful organic wooden vases that hold water. We have a lot of show acquaintances but he has become a great friend over these last couple years. We have one of his vases that we bring to every show with us - it's great, being wood it can bounce around in our travels and not break but it is still elegant and gets compliments every where we go.
John doesn't have a website but you can contact him for his show schedule at He lives in Mesa, AZ in the winter and does private showings. May - Oct can be found in NY state at shows. Please contact him for his east coast show schedule or for a private viewing.

Sumac vessel in foreground. I love how he sometimes keeps the bark on his pieces. You just have to see them in person to feel the warmth.

Turned burl vessel inlaid with Arizona Turquoise.

Birch Vessel inlaid with Arizona Turquoise.

Art For Sedona's Sake - Artists

We were just at our last show in Sedona for this year and I wanted to talk about some of the great people we meet. Chris Bendele and her sister Glow Ybarra of All A Glow Jewelry create beautiful beaded jewelry and are terrific neighbors! Please check out their website

Greg Anderson, also a great neighbor creates beautiful mixed media, southwestern wall pieces. Greg has just started making gorgeous enameled copper jewelry. It's neat to see someone transitioning into a new media and so excited and inspired by it. I expect to see some amazing pieces next year when we're neighbors again. Greg doesn't have a website but you can reach him at for his show schedule.

Thom & MJ Stanley are our favorite show promoters. They really do care about the artists at their shows. Thom also has another passion - his eclectic newspaper - please visit this link to check it out

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Jewelry Creations

Mark has been very busy making some beautiful new 18k Arizona Amethyst, Opal, Gem Chrysocolla, Holly Agate and Bisbee Turquoise jewelry. Here are a few pieces. If we don't sell them this weekend they will be on our Website - hopefully next week.

18k Gold , Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst, Chrome Tourmaline and Australian Opal Pendant.

18k Gold Gem Chrysocolla, AZ Four Peaks Amethyst and Holly Agate Pendant.

18k Bisbee Turquoise Pendant.

18k Arizona Fire Agate and diamond ring.

18k Gem Chrysocolla and diamond ring.

Thanks for taking a look!