Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chatoyant Bisbee Malachite & Sugilite Bracelet

I haven't written for a while because nothing new to report. It was Mark's Birthday yesterday which was fun. 51 is a lot easier than 50. :) Getting ready to do a show in Sedona this weekend. It will be good to be out meeting people again - we tend to get a little isolated between shows.

Here's an update on the bracelet that Mark has been making. (Now its also a pendant and earrings!) It's 18k and fine silver. The main stones are Chatoyant Bisbee Malachite and Sugilite. The accent stones are Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst and Green Tourmaline. Can't see the box clasp that he made but he pave' set yellow diamonds in it. More detailed pictures will be on the website soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RARE Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise

Mark's Brother visited us this weekend and tantalized us with this Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise. This World Famous Bisbee, AZ Turquoise - one of the most sought after Turquoises in the world - was dug out of a vein in the pit approximately 45 years ago. The miner who found it has passed away and his family would like to remain anonymous for security issues because they have more turquoise on hand. This is probably one of the finest examples of Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise - extant. Even though it could yield 1000-1500 finished carats they both feel it would be wrong to cut it. The value that is inherent in the stone will always be there. The specimen itself measures 11" in circumference at its fattest part and 12" in circumference on its long part. 4 - 3/8" H x 3 - 15/16" D x 2 - 3/4"W. It weighs 901 gms. The color in these pictures is 98% accurate. If you know anyone that may be interested in this collector's item I can provide a price upon request. Thank you Bruce for coming by and showing us this beautiful museum grade Bisbee Turquoise - we'll probably never see anything else like it again in our lifetime


I thought it was supposed to be Spring! Woke up to 2" of fresh snow this morning! Correction to my first post - we had 91" of snow this winter. Met a man that measured each snow fall so that is the correct amount + 2". :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Around The Corner

Some days are spring like then you get fierce winds and freezing nights. It's almost here!
By the end of the month we'll see these guys again and by July there will be hundreds of them visiting us every day.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sugilite & Chatoyant Malachite Bracelet

Mark has been busy working on this exquisite Sugilite & Chatoyant Bisbee Malachite bracelet. It's 7 1/4" long, all hand wrought out of fine silver and 18k gold. The faceted stones are AZ Four Peaks Amethyst and Green Tourmaline. Once he finishes the bracelet he's also making matching earrings and a pendant. It's going to be a stunning set in royal greens, purples and gold. I'll post another picture when the set is complete.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Extremely Rare High Grade Bisbee Azurite

We have some beautiful and Extremely Rare High Grade Bisbee Azurite on loan from Mark's Brother. Going to use a few nice pieces in our jewelry. There's a special story behind these stones. There was an old man who worked for the Bisbee mine. He encrusted his home in different stones. He passed away and his home was going to be demolished. These stones along with others were salvaged. These Bisbee Azurite were large chunks of rough stone cemented into a garden wall for 30-40 years. Mark's Brother cut them into the gems they are today.

Looking for Luna Blue Agate

April 1st was our 15th unofficial anniversary! The first day we became a couple as we walked around NYC. (The official one is in Nov.) We went to Reserve, NM for breakfast then stopped at our rock collecting spot on the way home. Not too many goodies this trip but it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to start cutting what we have - still needs to warm up a bit more.