Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Extremely Rare High Grade Bisbee Azurite

We have some beautiful and Extremely Rare High Grade Bisbee Azurite on loan from Mark's Brother. Going to use a few nice pieces in our jewelry. There's a special story behind these stones. There was an old man who worked for the Bisbee mine. He encrusted his home in different stones. He passed away and his home was going to be demolished. These stones along with others were salvaged. These Bisbee Azurite were large chunks of rough stone cemented into a garden wall for 30-40 years. Mark's Brother cut them into the gems they are today.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any more off the deep blue hue Azurite stones?


I'm feeling inspired to get an azurite necklace

Carla said...

Hi! Thanks for your inquiry. You didn't give me an e-mail address so I hope you get my message. My Brother In Law has some beautiful stones available - we don't at this time. You can reach him, Bruce, The Bisbee Rock Man at 480-286-5523. I hope he has what you're looking for. :)