Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Future Home of Black Mountain Jewelry Co. ?

Hard to think of something else when you're struggling along.... This building is up for sale/lease and we're going to talk to the owners next week. Maybe we can rent it for a while then buy in the future. We both feel it would be a perfect location for Black Mountain Jewelry Co. It would be great to travel to work everyday (1.5m down the road) and be a part of the community - and always have a permanent location - cutting back on shows. We'll see what happens - maybe the universe is looking out for us?
Poor property is in disrepair - every time we drive by wish we could tidy it up - inside and building is great though - you never know.

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Creative Stash said...

Love it! I is so cute and with a little love it would be a perfect home! Love your "new neighbors" too! so cute.