Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prescott AZ Craft Show

Didn't have such a great show in Prescott this weekend but as usual met lots of characters and great people! Here's a picture of Mark and our new friend Frank the Mountain Man (he does historic reenactments.)

Prescott is a very dog friendly town. Sam loved it! One touching thing happened with Sam. One of our artist neighbors had two 3 1/2 month old Chihuahua/Jack Russell puppies she was trying to socialize. At the start of the show they just barked at Sam all day but by the second day they were playing with him. He went into our booth to where I had his treats for the day and gingerly picked up two then went to the puppies - crunched up one so it was smaller then backed away so they could eat it and proceeded to eat his own. We all had goosebumps - happened so quickly that didn't have time to get a picture.


abstract gecko said...

now that is about as cute of a dog story as i have ever heard! my gf has a jack who has never made it to the dog-socialization stage. but maggie is the character anyway. glad to hear that the jack/chihuahua mixes are trainable!


Creative Stash said...

that Sam is so sweet! Really cute :)

Amy said...

What a sweet story about Sam! You've got a good one there!