Monday, June 22, 2009

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Not only did we have a great craft show at the Torreon Golf Resort, but we were also blessed to meet Leyton Cougar and Angel Bennett and two residents of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary - Flurry and Brutus. Please visit their website - it's a great cause.

You can't imaging how big their paws are! They're shedding to get their summer coats right now so they looked a little skinny. Angel told me that their mane around their neck and fur can grow 6" in the winter. (Brutus was shedding all over the place so I even got to take some wolf hair home with us. How cool!)

Flurry is an Arctic wolf. He was very shy and wary.

Brutus a Timber Arctic wolf cross wasn't so shy.

Pretty friendly if he thinks you're ok. Never before have I been so close to a wolf let alone be licked on the face and have my chin nibbled on. It was amazing! I've been thinking of a new jewelry line and wanted to give back to an animal charity with it - I think I've found the one!


abstract gecko said...

You are so cool! Keep giving girl!

Creative Stash said...

What a neat experience! Sounds like a good fit for a charity to give back to you for you guys.