Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Friends Day Giveaway With Mom Knows It All

Wendy Wallach won the Best Friends Day Giveaway with Mom Knows It All. Contestants wrote in how long they have been friends with their best friend and why they value their friendship. The giveaway was for two Sonora Star Drop Necklaces - one for them, one for their best friend. Wendy wrote:

"I have been friends with my best friend Kathy since high school, which makes it roughly 29 years. We have survived her husband and two daughters, my daughter, her grandchildren, and living so far from each other that we only get to see each other if lucky once a year. We survive because we don’t lie to each other, are never jealous of what the other person has, give to each other until it hurts and never judge the other no matter what decision they make. That is why we have lasted and will continue to last until the day of our death."

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