Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Baby

Not to much to write jewelry wise right now - we donated 3 Tree of Life rings to hospitals in the Phoenix area for Nurses week - just waiting to hear from the recipients so we can send them out. Hope they love them! Mark just finished Tree of Life Mother's charms - they look great! Please check the website soon - or see us for them at shows (they can be customized with the baby's birthstone on the front and initials and DOB on the back.) One other jewelry thing - we are going to start a monthly drawing for jewelry - whoever joins our mailing list will go into a drawing for a piece of jewelry.

Now for a little Alpine Awwwww. Our neighbor Myron's horse Ginger just had a baby last week. He is so cute and ALLLLL leg! I suggested he call him 'Snap' (Like 'Ginger Snap' - ha ha - but he didn't go for it.) She let me take these pictures after I bribed her with carrots. :)

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