Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Village of Oak Creek Craft Show

We met some great people at the Oak Creek Show this weekend. Windy but beautiful weather! There was a couple traveling on motorcycle from Edmonton, Canada- feel bad I didn't write down their names! Hope they took our advice and traveled through Alpine on their way out of Arizona. There were two very special young women that are new customers. Ikuko and Izumi, both nurses. Izumi is a nurse from Phoenix and Ikuko is one in Japan - Izumi was showing her good friend around Arizona. Our jewelry is going back to Japan this week - the farthest it's ever traveled! Once again, our Tree of Life Jewelry connects to nurses, caregivers and friends - internationally now! We met a few other special people too and hope to stay in touch with them - should have taken more pictures.Sam had a long weekend - not fun lying on an asphalt parking lot for 2 days but he has a girlfriend now - Gabby a mini - dachshund. Totally puppy love - wonder if they'll remember each other when they meet again? Now it's time to get ready for the Tempe Arts Festival!!

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Creative Stash said...

All the way to Japan! How cool. Sam looks so happy in that pic...cute :) I hope you had a good show and we will see you in Tempe!