Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Sale at Black Mountain Jewelry Co!

Happy New Year! Hope this year is getting off to a great start for you and that it's filled with health, happiness and prosperity!!

Hard to think of Valentine's Day already but it's on it's way! We have two holiday sales going right now that we'd like to tell you about.

All semi-custom Tree of Life Jewelry and Sonora Star "Casual Jewelry" 15% off - please use code # VL01. All in stock gold Art Jewelry 25% off - please use code # VD02. This offer lasts until 2/5/10. Just enter the offer code on your web order.

We can take your order over the phone if you'd prefer to call us - 928-245-9642. Orders placed by 1/29/10 are guaranteed delivery by 2/13/10! (After the 29th we'll contact you to confirm if we can make the deadline and if not give you the option to keep your item on order or cancel.)

We'd also like to offer you Free Shipping if you place your order by 1/27/10. Our website won't apply two discounts when you enter your order - we will manually remove your shipping charges before we process it. If you are thinking about a one of a kind gold piece please place your order by the 27th - that way we can pull your item as "sold" before our show in Indio, CA 1/29-31.

Thank you so much! We appreciate your business and hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you!

January 18-22nd - we are expecting to receive 3 - 7 feet of snow!!! We may have some power outages - up to 15 hours long. If you place an order and you don't receive an automatic order update from us, that is what's going on. As soon as power is restored we'll be in touch and confirm your order. Thanks!


Don Shepherd said...

Just found your site and Love it!
the fire agate and turquoise you have is fantastic. I'm a rock hound from Central Oregon and I'm glad to see some Oregon stones in your work.

Don Shepherd
Central Oregon Expert4

Carla said...

Thanks for the compliment Don! We're also rockhounds. Lots of agates and crystal formations around where we live. Hope to get to your state some day too. How'd you find us - through what search? Just curious. :)