Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeling Stressed and Blessed

I'm feeling stressed and blessed.....stressed from the whirlwind we've gone through starting last July when Mark had a Grand Mal Seizure, broke his back and dislocated his shoulder. Stressed that we missed out on the Christmas and Valentine's Day gift seasons.

Blessed that Mark is doing so well right now. Amazing what healthy food and exercise can do! Blessed because of the customers we had at the end of the year. Thank you all! Blessed because we both love where we live - have fantastic neighbors and true friends.  Blessed that we have a chance to look back on the negative from last year and use it to appreciate all the positive things in our lives.
We don't want to sweat the small stuff in our lives but at the same time it really is the little things (blessings) that matter most.

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