Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fine Jewelry Repair

Mark did two major repair jobs this week for a customer we met in Sedona. He doesn't just do jewelry repair - he does jewelry restoration. 14k ring with Turquoise and cracked opal inlay.
Ring re-inlaid with Bisbee Turquoise and Australian Opal.

Shank of ring worn through and cracked.

Mark milled 14k gold and 1/2 shanked the ring. Really solid now and will wear for a longgggg time. He also rebuilt all links in a heavy 18k men's bracelet for this customer - not as dramatic of a difference in a picture but better than new after he worked on it.

If you want to restore or re-dsign jewelry you own please let us know. Don't scrap it! You never get the full value of the gold that way. If it's sentimental, let us make it into a wearable piece of jewelry for you again.

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