Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Steller's Jays In Alpine, AZ

We generally don't feed wildlife - it's not a good practice - but we do help the birds along with seed through the winter. Right now we have two Steller's Jays that are relying on us. I worry about them when we leave town for shows and hope they've stashed enough peanuts in the tree tops for while we're gone. (They do stash them in crooks and needles of the trees and bury them at the base of trees.) Both are injured so we may help them make it through the winter. The one, "Chicken" (she perches like a one) is missing a leg. She's the Momma bird. "Baby Girl" has a bad wing (she's one of Chicken's offspring.) They perch together chirping to each other. I have a scenario in my head - we often have birds of prey in the area - what if baby was getting attacked and Mom stepped in causing them both to have injuries? Who knows. Here's a picture of them perched together. I wish I could capture their personalities here. They are smart, agile and comical birds! Baby Girl In Flight

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