Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bisbee and Morenci Azurite - In The Heat of the Summer Sale - 30% off until 7/25/13

Bisbee and Morenci Azurite Specimens and Cabochons. 30% off gemstones, specimens and beads at our Etsy Store Just use coupon code FA513 on your order by the end of 7/25/13.

Bisbee Azurite Specimens - 712 + Grams. Beautiful micro crystals, chatoyant malachite formations, you name it. Classic Rare Bisbee Azurite. Great for any collection or to sell by piece in your storefront.
Morenci Azurite Malachite Specimens. More micro crystals floating on Malachite formations. 408 + Grams. Also great for your personal collection or to re-sell by piece.
Bisbee Azurite Cabochon - very old - Natural - no treatment. 39 x 19 x 7 mm at highest point - 43 cts.
Morenci Azurite Cabochon - 21 x 17 x 6 mm at highest point - 21 cts.
Morenci Azurite Cabochon - 36 x 25 mm - 41.5 cts.

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