Friday, July 19, 2013

Bisbee and Morenci Turquoise - In the Heat of the Summer Sale - 30% off Until 7/25/13

Bisbee and Morenci, AZ Turquoise Cabochons. 30% off  all gemstones, specimens and beads at our Etsy Store Just use coupon code FA513 on your order by the end of 7/25/13.

Gem Grade Morenci Turquoise Cabochon. Natural – untreated – 90 cts. 40 x 37 x 10mm at highest point. Beautiful color with nice pyrite matrix.
Natural Morenci, AZ Turquoise Cabochon – 41 cts – 37 x 29 mm.
High Grade Natural Morenci Turquoise – 23 cts total weight. Appx 20 x 11 mm. Pyrite matrix and crystal bulls eye pattern.
 Stabilized Bisbee Turquoise in Sterling Silver on Leather Cord - unisex. Appx 28 cts – 43 x 21 mm. Medium to High Grade stabilized. Really nice smoky color.
Natural Medium Grade Bisbee Turquoise – 5.18 cts.
Stabilized Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons – Medium to High Grade – 57.99 cts.

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