Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gem Chrysocolla from Globe, AZ - In the Heat of the Summer Sale - 30% off Until 7/25/13

Gem Chrysocolla, Gem Silica from Globe, AZ. 30% off  all gemstones, specimens and beads at our Etsy Store Just use coupon code FA513 on your order by the end of 7/25/13.
Gem Chrysocolla from Globe ,Arizona. Glowing Turquoise color - 14 x 12 x 7mm H - 8 cts. 
Assortment of Gem Chrysocolla/Gem Silica from Globe, Arizona
Taken in full sunlight. Gem Chrysocolla glows like moonstone.
If you like these stones but would rather have a custom piece made please contact us. This piece was in 18k Gold, Gem Chrysocolla, Four Peaks Amethyst and Holly Agate.

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