Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mompreneur Friend, Alicia Hunter-Wilkinson

I received this beautiful letter today from an old friend I reconnected with. She's an amazing Mompreneur and person that I'm grateful to have in my life again. If you get chance please check out Alicia's website.
Alicia - thank you for sending this gorgeous picture of you wearing the Tree of Life Charm we sent

"I am an old high-school friend of the artist Carla Vaughn-Mead. When we recently reconnected and I saw her gorgeous jewelry, I was moved enough to share some things with her and she responded by making me the most exquisite and heart-felt piece I could imagine.

We lost our first-born son Hunter in 2003; subsequently, we were able to adopt a son, Hayden, and then were blessed to give birth to our daughter Ashley in 2005. When I shared this with Carla, her empathy for my situation was so sincere and I just knew that when I received my Tree of Life pendant I would never want to take it off!

I had always wanted a "mother's ring" or some other typical trinket featuring my children, but it didn't seem to be fitting considering the tragedy yet gratefulness I felt about my personal situation. When I received my Tree of Life pendant, Carla had also hand-written a note explaining what each birthstone was and why it was placed where she'd placed it. She chose Hunter's stone for the "heart" shape which is subtly placed in the tree's middle, because even though he's no longer here on earth, he's so deeply embedded in our hearts and she wanted the piece to signify that importance.

I wear my Tree of Life pendant every day, usually on the black cord; it's become my signature piece. I love that I can wear it to a fancy dinner and also with a tank-top and jeans, it's that versatile. It's always in style.
Every day someone compliments me on it; they see the beauty of the piece, and I know that it's so much more than just a piece of jewelry - it's the most special piece I own!
Carla and Mark are amazing craftspeople but more than that, they are the kind of artists that truly found their calling - creating special pieces with significance for the wearer that is deeply personal and meaningful. That's so much more than jewelry!!"

All the Best,

Alicia Hunter-Wilkinson

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