Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom Knows It All Mother's Day Giveaway

Black Mountain Jewelry Co. sent the winner of Mom Knows It All's Mother's Day Giveaway her custom Tree of Life Necklace today. Please see original contest link
Peggy Gorman of Preston, CT selected a piece with her birthstone on the bottom and her four children in the branches. We really hope she loves this meaningful pendant.

In order to enter the contest readers had to comment on what the Tree of Life Jewelry would mean to them.

Peggy said "I love this piece and it would remind me of a time when all my children were here with me. I lost two sons and have a son and daughter alive,I also love the heart that is in the tree because on hearing of my 2nd sons death I had a heart attack. I would have all their birthstones and mine. On the back I would put “for my broken heart” "

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