Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who's The Boss Mother's Day Giveaway

Black Mountain Jewelry Co. sent the winner of Who's The Boss Mother's Day Giveaway her custom Tree of Life Necklace today. Please see original contest link Cathy Doheny of Charlotte, NC selected a piece with a stone on the bottom and five additional stones in the branches to commemorate milestones in her life. Hope she really loves this personal talisman.

In order to enter the contest readers had to comment on what the Tree of Life Jewelry would mean to them.

Cathy said "The tree symbolizes my family, who stands strong and proud despite the storms of cancer and hardship. Because our foundation (the trunk of the tree) was strong, our branches remained intact, as we weathered the storm. The tree ultimately symbolizes survival!"

When Cathy selected her stones she also said:
"Carla, Thank you so much! I have been wanting one of your Tree of Life pieces for a while! I feel so very lucky and fortunate to have won and can't wait to tell everyone about it!I pick one large stone and up to 5 smaller accent stones? Is that correct?

If so, then the large stone would be an amethyst (to symbolize all three of our birthdays - We were all born in February).
The smaller stones would be:
Aquamarine for March (the month my husband and I met)
Sapphire for September (our wedding anniversary)
Emerald for May (the month we found out we were going to adopt our daughter)
Citrine for November (the month we adopted our daughter)
Peridot for August (the month of my husband's stem cell transplant and the start of his new immune system)

Is an inscription also included? If so, I would like it to say:Love & Life
Thanks again!
What a wonderful Mother's Day gift for me!
Cathy "

There were so many touching comments from contestants in the Mother's Day Giveaways we were part of ...we wish we could afford to send each and everyone of them a custom Tree of Life Pendant.

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