Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winner of Who's The Boss Mother's Day Giveaway

Cathy Doheny won Who's The Boss Mother's Day giveaway. She sent us this beautiful letter this weekend. We're so happy you love your Tree of Life necklace Cathy - and that one day it will be Jade's!

Please see Cathy's links below. She is involved in a lot of great things.

Dear Carla and Mark,

I cannot thank you enough for the Tree of Life pendant! When I opened the box, I was simply stunned at the beauty of the piece. The detail is phenomenal, and I am amazed that all of the smaller stones fit perfectly in the branches of the tree. It is almost as if they are celebratory lights strung on the tree, each jewel representing a milestone in my life. My four year-old daughter loves to look at it and hear over and over what the stones stand for: the month her daddy and I met, the month we were married, the month we found out we were going to adopt her, the month we adopted her, and the month of her daddy's life-saving stem cell transplant. And, of course, she knows that the amethyst at the center is the birthstone for her, as well as her mama and daddy. I know that my daughter will be happy to receive this heirloom piece one day, and always be reminded of the events that shone brightest in the tree of my life.

Thanks again for the meaningful piece and for the wonderful work you do to help others tell their stories.
All the best,

Cathy Crenshaw Doheny
Charlotte International Adoption Examiner
National Organ and Tissue Donor Examiner
Freelance Writer
Private Piano Instructor
Director of Communications - Families with Children from China - Charlotte, NC chapter

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