Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craft Show In Sedona Arizona

We had a really great show in Sedona, AZ last weekend. It was incredibly hot and dry (98!) but we were so lucky to see the sun rise and set everyday on those red rocks. Here are a couple pictures - unfortunately from the car - no time to hike. :( Sunset on Cathedral Rock, an eery sunrise on I don't know WHAT formation and some pretty snapdragons by the show location.

Two 18k Gold Morenci Turquoise rings found homes that weekend. One went home to Kentucky and the other to San Diego. Hope they are really enjoyed!

Once again we met incredible people and had a great time! I should have got the name of one Mom and her Daughter. I feel so bad when I forget to do that. Her daughter is a two time Leukemia survivor - once when she was 5 and then later. Her Mom bought her a Tree of Life Ring to celebrate her 20 years in remission on Mother's Day. I hope she enjoys it in continued good health.


Charisse said...

Nice photos.

Creative Stash said...

Beautiful photos! What a touching tree of life ring story. Your creative gift will mean so much to those women. Thanks for sharing.

Paul Trosko said...

Beautiful Photos! Glad things went well!